efDA Training, LLC trains all participants to become credentialed as Florida Expanded Function Dental Assistants. If you are in need of a dental assistant please Contact Us for possible placement options.

Internship Program

As a part of our Dental Assistant Program we have our students intern in private dental practices. If you are interested in becoming a Recognized Clinical Preceptor Dentist or having a dental assistant intern in your practice please Contact Us.

New Employee

efDA Training, LLC trains new employees, with no dental assisting experience, in all phases of dentistry. This five day program will enable your dental assistant to become credentialed as an Expanded Function Dental Assistant.
Lectures, videos and examinations are located within the website through our eLearning portal with access to the dental assistant 24.7.
Hands on training will be scheduled on either a Friday or Saturday.
Clinical Training will take place in your dental practice.

Content Areas:

  1. General and Specialty Procedures
  2. Radiography
  3. Fabrication of Provisional Restorations (5 skills associated with this task)
  4. Nitrous Oxide Monitoring
  5. Orthodontic Expanded Functions (6 skills associated with this specialty)
  6. Preventive and Restorative Expanded Functions (8 skills associated with these areas)
  7. Infection Control, Disinfection, and Sterilization

Contact Karen Allen for the next training program at 772-834-6217 or