Recognized Clinical Dentist

efDA Training, LLC provides a means for the employed dental assistant to become credentialed in specific expanded functions through their employer, a Recognized Clinical Dentist.

efDA Training, LLC provides the lectures and examinations online with the clinical training under the employer's direct supervision.

No expense for travel or waiting for courses to be offered and then possibly cancelled.

Dentist smiling with patient in the background getting their teeth checked out.

Requirements to Become an efDA Training, LLC Recognized Clinical Preceptor Dentist

  • The participating dentist is Florida licensed with one year experience in practice.
  • The dentist cannot have had their professional license revoked, suspended, or otherwise acted against, in Florida or in another jurisdiction.
  • Facilities and equipment for each course in which patients are treated during instruction shall be adequate for the subject matter and method of instruction. All patients who are treated during instruction be supervised by the dentist pursuant to Chapter 466.F.S.
  • Upon completion of the lectures, examinations, and competency of skills, the dentist will verify clinical training for the dental assistant by completing the online competency form.
  • In five to seven days your dental assistant will receive the Board of Dentistry approved Expanded Function Certificate listing each skill certified.
  • By registering your dental assistant you (the dentist) agrees to the above requirements to become an efDA Training, LLC Recognized Clinical Dentist.