Some Feedback From Recent efDA Colleagues

From Alexis R.

I just finished the 5 week efDA Program. Not only was this a fast paced and upbeat program, but also very beneficial to my success in grasping the many aspects of being a dental assistant. The one on one training and help, along with real life scenarios and hands on training helped me gain confidence and master the fundamental skills.

From Jennifer B.

Thank you, Dr. Willis, for allowing me to assist for you during the 5 week efDA Program. Since I was 5 years old this is all I wanted to do and because of you it finally happened. Allowing me to intern was by far the best experience I've had! Your knowledge and effort will help me grow to become the BEST dental assistant. I appreciate everything you've done for me. I hope to see you in the future.

From Stephanie M.

The 5 week efDA Program was awesome! I learned so much and was able to have a lot of one on one teaching and training. I feel very confident going out and starting my career as a Dental Assistant.

From Glaucia S.

I would like to thank the efDA team for all their patience, support and training I received during the five week Expanded Function Dental Assistant Program. I was able to get a great job during my last week and feel confident in my new career.

From Kaylee M.

The N2O course was helful and gave me the knowledge, ability and certification I need to be able to monitor my patients.

From Chloe H.

The N2O course was informative and will allow me the ability and certification I need to monitor my patients under nitrous.

From Bianca L.

The N2O course was great! I will refer my fellow colleagues to you.

From Manesha R.

The N2O course was very interactive. Dr. Willis covered all the necessary protocols and procedures which gave me the certification necessary to monitor my patients under nitrous oxide sedation. I couldn't have asked for a better training class.

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