Video Transcript

Welcome to EFDA training. We are approved by the Board of Dentistry to credential dental assistants in expanded functions for the state of Florida, which include restorative and preventative expanded functions, nitrous oxide monitoring, orthodontic and radiography. To get started, you can access the registration page by clicking login up at the top. When you partner with EFDA to train your dental assistants, your practice will have its own individual elearning portal. So let's get started. Fill in some information. Click Continue. From here we can see our three main options. Build your own course form, my users where you can add users or track progress and the dental assistant completion form. In the first area that build your own course form, we can build a course or courses specific to the needs of our practice. We click inside of here, fill out the information. Let's scroll down. And we can choose the expanded functions that we need. Once we've selected all the expanded functions that we need for our assistants to be trained in, then we hit submit. Once the form is submitted, your course will be ready for review and purchase within three to five days through your elearning portal. Now, as soon as you've submitted that form to build your own course, you will immediately want to go to my users as we're going to need some users to assign them to. And we can toggle this option to immediately send them their information as soon as we've created them. That will give them information on how to log in as well so that your users know what to do. All right, now let's go back. All right now it's been three to five days since we've submitted our course form. So now we're going to go through and purchase it for each of our users. I'm going to go here, underneath purchase custom courses. And you would also have received a link to your email when this is ready. And so you would reach here as well by going through that link. Make sure that it covers everything you needed it to cover. In click purchase. Now we're going to fill in all the billing information. Including your credit card information. And this is the important part. Instead of assigning this course to our account, we want to assign it to the user that we've created for this purpose. This is going to be the person who's going to take that course, and whose progress we're going to check. Now again, if you have not already create this user, you can create them here. So bring you to that dialog that we saw before where we can add the user, and then send them a welcome email with the information that they need. We're going to go through this dialog for each user that we need to purchase and assign to. Once you fill out this information, click Complete purchase. Now that we've created a user for each assistant that we need, as well as purchase our custom course, for each user, they can immediately log in and start the course. Now a quick note, the user or the assistant can only see their course info. They can't see any other information when they log into your portal. At any time, you can check the progress of your users and assistants by clicking on my users going to the specific user and clicking progress. From here, you'll see their course as well as the lectures, videos, and tests that have been completed, as well as their overall progress. Once the dental assistant completes the online materials, and achieves competency in each skill, the dentist will complete and submit the online completion form. Fill in all the required information and hit submit. Within five to seven days, the dentist will receive the dental assistants expanded function listing each skill certified. Everything you need to credential your staff expanded functions is made easy by simply logging in. Get started today.