Train In Your Dental Practice

These courses provide a means for the employed dental assistant to become credentialed, in specific expanded functions, through their employer.


Requirements to Become an efDA Training, LLC Recognized Clinical Preceptor Dentist

  1. The participating dentist is Florida licensed with one year experience in practice.
  2. The dentist cannot have had his/her professional license revoked, suspended, or otherwise acted against, in Florida or in another jurisdiction.
  3. Facilities and equipment for each course in which patients are treated during instruction shall be adequate for the subject matter and method of instruction. All patients who are treated during instruction be supervised by the dentist pursuant to Chapter 466, F.S.
  4. Upon completion of the lectures, examinations, and competency of skills the dentist will complete/submit the online clinical competency form.
  5. In five to seven days the dental assistant will receive their Board of Dentistry approved Expanded Function Certificate listing each skill certified.
  6. With the registation of your dental assistant you (the dentist) agree to the above requirements to become an efDA Training, LLC Recognized Clinical Preceptor Dentist.

Content Areas To Choose From

  1. Click on Preceptor Dentist Form
    The Dentist can select Specific Skills for their dental assistant needed for their dental practice. efDA Training, LLC will develop the course within 24-48 hours.
    Submit as many forms as needed for your dental practice. All course(s) will remain a part of the eLearning portal for future registration.
  2. Positioning and Exposing Dental Radiographic Film and Sensors
  3. Fabrication of Provisional Restoartions
    Fabrication of Provisional Restorations; Preliminary Impressions; Placement and Removal of Gingival Retraction Cord; Cementing and Removal of Excess Cement
  4. Restorative and Preventive
    Visual Assessment of Existing Oral Conditions; Preliminary Charting of Existing Restorations and Missing Teeth; Application of a Topical Anesthetic; Placement and Removal of Dental Dam; Placement of a Base,Liner or Use of Bonding System; Placement and Removal of Intracoronal Restorations; Polishing Coronal Surfaces of the Teeth; Application of a Fluoride Varnish; Application of a Sealant; Suture Removal; Treatment of Post Operative Osteitis; and Placement or Removal of Periodontal Dressing Material
  5. Nitrous Oxide Monitoring
  6. Orthodontic Expanded Functions
    Selecting and Pre-sizing Archwires Prescribed by the Patient's Dentist so long as the Dentist makes all Final Adjustments to the Bend, Arch form Determination, and Symmetry prior to Final Placement; Securing or Unsecuring an Archwire by Attaching or Removing the Fastening Devices; Removing and Recementing Properly Contoured and Fitting Loose Bands that are not Permanently Attached to Any Appliance; Selecting Prescribed Extra oral Appliances by Pre-selection or Premeasurement which does not include Final Fit Adjustent; Preparing a Tooth Surface by Applying Conditioning Agents for Orthodontic Appliances by Conditioning or Placing of Sealant Materials which does not include Placing Brackets; Placing or Removing Prescirbed Pretreatment Separators; Taking Impressions for Passive Appliances, Occlusal Guard, Space Maintainers, Study Models, and Protective Mouth Guards; Polishing Coronal Surfaces of the Teeth
  7. All Inclusive Expanded Function Course (includes all skills performed by a dental assistant)

Other Topics Included

  1. Dental Anatomy
  2. Infection Control, Disinfection, and Sterilization
  3. Instruction in the Dental Practice Act and Administratiave Code as It Relates to Dental Auxiliaries